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A single-page layout that gives you the flexibility of writing tasks, communicating with your team, writing docs, and notes.

Keep your team connected is where remote teams plan, organize, and get things done. Enhance your team productivity By writing todos, docs, real-time collaboration, and team chat, in one unified workspace.
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Never miss an update, again. inbox makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information using available inbox filters.
You will only get notifications to those discussions to which you are part of.
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The missing part of zoom
Jot down everything you discuss in your zoom meeting, from tasks to notes, files to doc, everything in
Real time collaboration
Comment anywhere to start a discussion, Mention your teammates when you need a input.
You will never miss them again
No more ping-ponging between documents, project management, and team communication apps to get things done. brings all of your work and data into one flexible surface.

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50 Tracked Users50 Tracked Users
5000 Page Views5000 Page Views
5MB Attachment Size5MB Attachment Size
250 Tracked Users / month250 Tracked Users / month
25,000 Page Views / month25,000 Page Views / month
50MB Attachment Size50MB Attachment Size
1000 Tracked Users / month1000 Tracked Users / month
75,000 Page Views / month75,000 Page Views / month
Unlimited Attachment SizeUnlimited Attachment Size
Unlimited Tracked UsersUnlimited Tracked Users
Unlimited Page ViewsUnlimited Page Views
Unlimited Attachment SizeUnlimited Attachment Size
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