Due.work is simple todo list application that simplifies the way people works together in a team.

Why we build it:

Actually, after working together with several companies and managing teams for years, we actually never found a single productivity solution with whom we can really love using it.

Problem with previous project management tools:
1. When working with teams even on a very small project after some time tasks always get cluttered even if we are using several labels, priority, etc.

2. It was very difficult to get to know the list of all overdue tasks that gets missed its deadline. No matter how productive we are there is always a probability of missing a deadline especially when we work in a team. What we wanted was something to aggregate all overdue tasks in a separate group and display it on top whenever a task gets delayed, so that we can decide what to do with those missed tasks.

3. There were no good tools that actually let you decide what you really want instead they enforce you to it. What if the product manager prefers a view to writing tasks which will have beautiful Gantt chart to displays all the timelines of the tasks whereas the Business analysts of the team want a board view like in trello where all tasks present is on status wise. whereas other people want just a simple todo list view which only displays those tasks that needs to be done today.

4. An online feature like (in google docs or sheets) was missing in all the productivity apps. When we are working together in teams we often want to know who else is also online/working right now. It helps to boost confidence among the team. With team showing online we can also, ask anyone at that moment only if we had any issue.

5. A simplistic tool to be used by all department of people was missing in all productivity platforms. Many good tools like trello or basecamp actually offer a simplistic solution. But they with basic feature only and we are only left to use several integrations to use it as a whole thus we end up paying more and more.

Although there was many reason which I have not listed above but this is some of the main reason that let us to build due.work (https://www.due.work/).

I would love to know your thoughts on the same.