The unicorn for work management!

Coping up with short deadlines and high workloads can be difficult when working with more team members. In such a case, managing deadlines, and reach targets of projects can be deadly. It's a lot of effort.

However, to cope up with every part of work, it is high time to question yourself about how you're managing everything! Moreover, the answer here is! The developers and designers have worked tirelessly in creating this fantastic application for the users who want to stay compact in their work schedule. Let us introduce the application in more detail.

List View is a contemporary web application to keep a project and its members in correct sync. It is a well-designed and user-friendly platform to organize, track, arrange and communicate on their goals and targets. Interesting? Let's dig more into the magic of this unicorn. Let's see what is capable of doing.

Subtasks/Create lists comes with a simple daylight theme to maintain focus at work. The user can start by adding a list of tasks they want to follow. Once created, you can schedule a task by adding a due date. Be it 'completed' or 'pending' - filter the task as per your work status.

Drag & Drop

Once organised with the tasks, you can Drag any of them and reallocate the selected one, based on the task priority. If the task has to be done early,

Smart Collaboration!

Communication is the ultimate requirement for a team to work efficiently. With, Chat with your team members in the Workspace. Communicate smartly with them. Make notes, add comments to each task. This way, a job can be broken into smaller segments with easy access.

Assign members

Don't feel like you're working alone! The new 1.5 version, officially called, has a lot to offer. You can add members of your choice in your Workspace and create a powerful team. Invite your co-workers from the 'Assign Members' category and Invite co-workers in your space.  

Start and end date

Never miss a deadline when working at How? Start by adding a start date to each of your tasks individually. This helps in planing better and keep progress and performance in a note. The user can also limit the time by adding an end date. Create a smart timeline for your project. Work smartly!

Multiline view

It is likely to get bored with the same features as a regular tool. But not with! The multiline feature makes a mild difference in arranging the tasks and recording the progress. With multiple columns, the user can create multiple tasks without any hassle. Once multiple tasks are created, the lists will carry all the necessary information that the user has entered.

Labels/Tags provides colourful tags to mark your priority and to segment/filter tasks. With this feature, the user can add tags, individually to any task depending upon how important it is to them. The colouring tags are much bright to keep them in check.

Comments has the option that lets users add comments to a task. With the help of this feature, emphasising on a project becomes painless. With multiple advice from selected users, a project can run more efficiently.


Keep each task composed by adding other files into one task. The developers have focused on improving a team's performance, hence the feature. Users can now attach files at the tasks individually to gain more control and power on each slice.


For users who like extra detailing, here is the sky! You can add notes to a task and never forget what the leader said in the meeting or a conference call.


To get detailed planning, has developed prioritisation for smoother completion of a task. It comes with three priority levels – low, medium, and high. Once the work splits into small tasks, manage each of them based on their completion period. Consider managing tasks into shorter duration so that it becomes manageable.


It is the versatility of that makes it one of a thing among the rest. The developers of are continually adding new features to keep it going more effectively. It is specially designed to manage work, track conversations, record progress, and improve productivity by continuing everything in one place.

With anyone who is workaholic can cleanly organize their project. Project management with is effortless and neat. To manage the project expertly, try following the small tips worth the internal usage.

Map down the plans. Consider the significant targets and focus on high priority tasks — set plans for long term achievements.

At, we believe in teamwork and productivity. Work efficiently and do justice to our innovation!