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When it comes to a Team-based Task management solution, All its matter is the look and feel and how better one is providing a work management solution as compared to others.

At the end we all are solving the same problem helping team manage their work in a better way.

In we have many different users who has switch to us from, Asana, Basecamp the reason they tell us is that they find managing their projects and Team is much more easier than other project management solution out there.

I have thought to provide a simple list of which you will find useful in deciding when you would like to switch to our product. List View

A Simple Task Management to be used by people of all domains

When it comes to simplicity Trello comes to our mind as it is a very good tool to manage work but it lacks features like providing a List view/Gantt view which is a must needed view for task management not all work can be managed using a Board view.

Using a solution like Trello is good when you are working with a very small team and have very few tasks to manage but as your task and team grow, it becomes very difficult to manage. As Board view is build for managing small tasks 20-30.

With  all your tasks is highly managed under Workspaces -> Project -> Section -> Task -> SubTasks.

Also, we have made sure to keep our platform as simple so that people from all domain can easily work together without any complexities involved.

List|Board|Timeline views for all pages - Home page with List view

We have 3 different views in i.e. List|Board|Timeline that is provided with all our pages Home|My Tasks| Today | Next 7 Days.

Pages are provided to help quickly viewing tasks which needs to be done without getting distracted with all other tasks present in the project.

Each page has 3 different view, List|Board and Timeline which you can switch according to your comfort.

Also, our system will remember your choice of view for each page. Which will help in picking the taste of each user according to their needs.

Suppose the Project Manager of the project who assigns the task is only concerned with overall growth of the project and thus he will more comfortable with a view of "Home Page with Timeline view" will be much helpful for his purpose. So whenever he open the project he will be always redirected to Timeline view.

Similarly, A person working on that project is more concerned with his daily tasks only thus he will be more comfortable with "My Tasks page with List or Board view" and system will remember his choice of view too.

It will help in providing distraction free medium for each users on the project according to their needs.

Multi platform support iOS App is available for 8 platforms
Chrome Extension
Firefox Extension
Web with all devices support.

Easy to use Timeline or Gantt View - Timeline view

We have a very easy to use gantt tool with nice color based on status for easily identifying the progress of overall project a must needed tool for project manager in project planning.

Flat pricing instead of Per user pricing

Our pricing plans have a flat pricing system to even if your team grows you always have to pay us the same amount to us. pricing

Communication and activities for each project - Communication

Communication is a must needed aspect when it comes to a project management.

In with each project we have an In-build communication system where you can get connected with your team.

Also, we have a separate activities channel where you will find automatic updates of all the work going on in your project and can also communicate over it.

Hope, with this blog you would have a much better understanding of If you are still curious here is a youtube video. - How to manage a project