Asana won everybody's heart for many reasons - it is a flush tool and simple to use.

Ask any project manager about productivity - Asana will be the first name you'll hear from them. Even if one goes for the free version of Asana, the features are more than enough to solve many purposes.

However, Team leaders do not prefer using Asana in the present time.

Why search for Asana alternative?

Why not! It has been six years since Asana was released. It is 2019, and technology is evolving, almost, everyday. Then, why not choose a tool which solves the basic and complex requirements of your daily task?

Let me be clear.

Asana was a great platform but no longer. there are better options available in the market.

Where Is Asana lagging behind?

No matter how useful it is to you, it refrains from being the best.

Users have said that Asana gets slower with time and why not? If a project management tool comes with 500 features, with daily usage, it is quite likely to show delay. Most of them have reported than Asana needs a good internet connection, else turns slow or off.

Again, Asana is not a good option to work with large team members and a colossal workload.

However, since your exhaustion has bought you here, let's solve the issue.

In this blog, I am going to talk about the Five best Asana alternatives that are kicking the industry in 2019.

There you go -


There are many factors that you must check before choosing an option to Asana. The tool must be easy to access, should look stylish (of course, who doesn't want to work in style?), must be overpowered with features. Click up is exactly like that.

Once you create your account at Clickup, you will get a warm welcome from the developer's team followed by a theme color selection. Pick any from their vibrant shades, and your clickUp workspace is ready to roll!


  • ClickUp comes with many features
  • Affordable price plans, along with the free program.
  • unlimited storage


  • workspace looks clumsy with features
  • complex UI
  • difficulty in understanding the functionalities
  • Due to unlimited storage, the software becomes slow after prolonged use.

Clickup is very easy to use but exploring all the features gets difficult. Most of the people who have used the software committed that it is not optimal, while most of the users complained about its complex UI.


So, we have Trello as they rank second in the list.

If making a Kanban Board workspace is your priority, Trello is a decent option to choose. It is a very lightweight tool to work on with limited features.


  • very visual appearance
  • easy to use
  • the board view
  • drag n drop makes task handling easy


  • not suitable for bigger groups
  • basic reporting absent
  • unable to manage complex projects with Trello
  • cannot manage several tasks at one time
  • cards lack customization

For smaller teams who prefer the board version, Trello is a fantastic option for them. It is more of a task manager than a project management tool.


Proofhub was launched at the same time as Asana. It became the center-piece by showing its versatility to its users.

Here's how -


  • fits every corporate space; from freelancer to more significant projects
  • controls project better
  • saves your time
  • very easy to use


  • Gantt chart takes much time to switch statuses.
  • not suitable for large projects
  • no workflows
  • buggy in nature
  • has no budget tools that will manage finance

Proofhub is perfect if you're searching for extremely user-friendly and customizable software. The budget programs are quite affordable to make you ten times more productive at your workspace.


As the project management tool, Monday is not an exception, but it serves the purpose of increasing productivity for small and more significant projects.


  • time tracking
  • automatic notifications
  • works for projects on any field


  • too complex for beginners
  • Needs coding skills to understand.
  • Needs a specialist to handle it well.
  • Ad disturbances
  • pricy for singular usage is considered as the Unicorn tool of work management.

A good managing software always seeks for better performance and budding productivity, and follow that strictly.

Hear it from the Founder's Pen:

The project manager is embraced with features which are easy to learn, customizable, and very user-friendly. you can manage your tight to tighter work schedule hassle-free. This beast is newly developed, and the happy picture says that it has all the beneficial features on its very first version. Think where it would go once you go on updating with time! Wanna see how it works? Let's go!

  • Multiple views for the same task/folder/project with

Due .work has the list, timeline and the kanban board view where you can re-shuffle your exiting tasks from one column to another with one click. Each mission on the board is customizable, and the makers provide you unlimited freedom to create as many new boards as you want. The same is valid for the list and the timeline view.

  • Effortless management supports dynamic project management with more members effortlessly. Deadlines, scheduling, changing in plans - all these take a second to adjust. In re-scheduling your tasks is not severe too. Even if you are a beginner from a non-tech background, you can run the software smoothly.

  • Custom status

concerned with the status of your project?

Still guessing who's working on it? Or is it still undone or under review?

Don't worry! With, you can track the progress as flat as a pancake.

  • Affordable pricing

As I mentioned earlier, is new in the market, and recent release brings an offer. They have unique annual payment plans for start-up companies. To know more about the pricing details, visit here:

  • Smooth communication has no limitations in communication. While the other project management tools, take Trello, for instance, does not provide any interaction with its team members. Here, in, you can chat with your team members without any message limitations. Due .work is capable of loading 100 messages of your chat history.

(Compare and Trello at,

  • Get help anytime!

Stuck with a feature? Don't know how to proceed further?

Chat with the expert of

They provide a quick response to their client's problems and makes sure you use the tool seamlessly in increasing your productivity.

Why is better as an Asana alternative?

Asana is, no doubt, a powerful tool in managing projects.

However, no longer.

People now want a tool which will be interesting to work on, easy and intuitive. If you're searching for a tool like that, is the perfect one for you.

Why would you choose

Compare with all the other four tools in this article and see -


  • it is ad-free
  • simple and powerful
  • multiple views with drag n drop option for each
  • Gnatt chart present
  • allows priority setting
  • create subtasks
  • suitable for bigger, smaller and complex projects
  • easy for single-use
  • set tasks for a month with date and times

and the list goes on...


The software is still under development. The developers are working their blood and sweat in developing the tool to enhance productivity and solve your purposes. If there is a feature which you think must be added, talk to the creators directly, and get help.


If your project management tool is not serving your purpose, there is no use to carry the subscription.

Before you reach the verdict, remember that the tool must help both your team's and your need. If it fails to do the job, it's of no use!

Take time; make a decision.

Meanwhile, why not visit once?