"To maintain a healthy span in your work routine, I have something important to share with you today".

You must have heard about project management tools and browsed their wide range of availabilities on the internet. Some are very famous while some are new in the market with some bigger plans worth competition.

This blog mainly deals with two such project management tools. One, which is already known to you and the second, which I will be introducing you today.

It manages most of your work prior you start worrying about it. Let's dive in into details one by one.

What is Taskade?

Taskade is a simple project management application with simple features and user interface which you can access without creating an account for yourself.

Like any other web productivity tool, the taskade keeps your tasks into sync. This web application is light in weight, providing quick and exciting ways that you can proceed.

It is a single webpage application which are designed for users to organize their tasks. The interface is so simple that to start using, you only have to begin to type in the assigned area.

It has a progress bar that indicates your progress at the workspace. If you're stuck or don't proceed with a task, Taskade will show you a reminder marking it as a pending task.

Taskade has a very user-friendly design, which will make you happy. The emojis, along with the theme, makes it an excellent combo for a comfortable working experience.

With taskade, you can add people to your workspace and work together.

What is Due.work?

Due.work is a newly launched web application that makes the users productive employing digital productivity. With the multiple features of due.work, you can create bigger and smaller workspaces and maintain them efficiently.

Most of the users have agreed that using Due.work has improved their work efficiency, general management and productivity very easily. Due.work offers a lot to its users. The features are easy to learn, easy to use and makes your tasks look clean.

Due.work allows its users to manage the project just like a team. The application tool enables users to work pleasantly. Once you create a task in due.work, you can set the due dates as per your wish. If a task needs to be completed by tomorrow or in seven days or even a month, due.work can manage that for you.

Depending on the urgency and importance of a task you set, you can select the preferences of them individually. Also, the management tool enables you to create your priority key for customization.

As we believe, good teams always communicate better. Keeping this fact in mind, the developers have made due.work communicative, where you can send messages to your co-workers.

You can create notes, meeting notes and knowledge bases. You can even design project according to your custom requirement as it support infinite nesting.

Which is better?

Taskade is no doubt a decent web application tool. With its straightforward UI, you can work efficiently.But Taskade is limited to some specific uses. After prolonged use and as your team grows, you will feel searching for an alternative to the taskade and expand your reach in the application tool.

It's just that Taskade is too simple for a work management tool with limited features, and limited variations. It might be cool to use it for tracking your homework or a simple school project, but for a corporate deal, Taskade refrains to give its best.

If you want to expand your team and work efficiently, the taskade's limited interface will not allow you so.However, it is not generous for a prolonged single using project manager as the features are way too limited.

If you seek into the details of due.work, you'll find the answer by yourself. Due.work is a web management tool with abundant features. You can create multiple workspaces and add your team members for effective collaboration.

You can decorate or re-arrange a task according to your preference.mSet priorities, drag and re-shuffle them, edit them anytime you want!

If you want to know more about due.work, visit the website at https://www.due.work

If a web application tool is providing you better features, better interface, smart collaboration, excellent communication, individual facilities - why not choose due.work?

Due .work has features which taskade cannot provide you: you can set wide range projects using the prominent features in your due.work workspace. Both, Due.work and Taskade, has a free version, when the former gives you more in the free version than the later.

Cannot make a decision?

Take your time.

By the time you decide, try due.work for once. Compare and then decide which helps you better.