Startups in these days are a dime a dozen with one popping up at every nook and corner. Only a small percentage of them ever see the light of day and even smaller percentage becomes a newsworthy success. With a limited budget and scarce resources, running a startup is no doubt one of the toughest jobs in the world.In this post I have included some of the things which makes management and marketing job of entrepreneurs relatively easy.

We all want to be more productive. And we definitely want our teams to be more productive. That's why so many productivity tools exist.

There are many tools & resources for startups that not only help in minimising the cost, but also save time & make your business look & operate smartly. Some of the basic things which I think every startup needs are:

  • Collaboration Tool, by which people can communicate with their teams.
  • Timeline or Roadmap Tool, by which people can track the progress of their work.
  • Task Management tool, to maintain day to day work tasks.
  • Issue Management tool, for the techies in your startup.

No single tool satisfy all these needs when we started working for our first startup and we soon realise that if we integrate all these above features in a single tool, it will increase the productivity of startups and small scale companies to 10X.

Juggling between productivity, speed and efficiency is tricky! More often than not this seems to be unavoidable when you’re in the start-up space. So, how can you try and ease the chaos out?

I can tell you one simple solution,,  to help increase your work productivity. - Your work management tool

It is a task manager and collaboration tool which allows the users to keep track of the activities going on in the company. It can be used to create and manage tasks, set deadlines, assign work all with a focus on quick communication and tracking tasks easily. Super intuitive, sleek design makes it a delight to use.

"  gives you everything you need to stay in sync,  hit deadlines, and reach your goals."

I think, to achive a goal successfully you will need to ask following questions before starting your journey.

  • What are my goals? What end result am I trying to accomplish?
  • What is my deadline?
  • Who will I need to include in this project?
  • What supplies / resources will I need to get this done?

This is a grounding exercise that is designed to help you get a basic idea of what this project will require of you. This is the important foundation for your management plan. You will now find it a lot easier to break these “big picture” ideas into smaller steps to follow.

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and the same is true of your project.

You have to start somewhere. The creation of your management plan should always be the first on your list. Maybe your second step will be working out a schedule or drawing up a list of tasks. Or perhaps you want to have a meeting to brainstorm with your team. Don’t spend too much time worrying about exactly which step to take – any move forward is a good one. You may feel stuck at the beginning of your project, but just getting started often provides the momentum you need to keep you moving in the right direction.

On any journey, you have some idea of how long you plan to spend in each location and when you will need to arrive at your next destination. The same is true while executing your management plan.

With a well management plan and correct tools such as you should be well on your way to many successful and enjoyable management experiences.