and are team collaboration tools that help users to manage team tasks, notes and communication.

Notion is based on pages while keeps the work in projects in the same workspace. - An easy alternative

Notion Offer 4 different things -

  • Under the first section of Notion, you will find the 'Notes & docs,' which replaces Evernote and Google doc. Its easy and creative writing interface allows you to write in 30+ styles.
  • The second illustration is 'Knowledge Base,' which answers all your questions. This section replaces Confluence and GitHub Wiki. Most of the students prefer this part of Notion for their studies and assignments.
  • The third section is the 'Task and Project' section, which also works as a replacement for Asana, Jira, and Trello.
  • The last illustration, replacing Google Sheets and Airtable, is the 'Spreadsheets and Databases.' You can keep all the records of workflows under this illustration and keep your Notion account organized.

It came into the internet at 2016 with its very first version. Over the years, it has given its users what it is capable of performing.

Why is better alternative?

The purposes of are nearly endless. The application, like other tools, helps in keeping tasks organized and create independent workspaces.

  • You can create as many workspaces as you want.
  • You can create Notes & Docs.
  • You can create Knowledge Bases.
  • You can write and manage Tasks and Todos and add your teammates to each task of each project. You can add different team members in the various tasks of the same workspace if they are assigned to it.
  • takes you one step ahead by providing Team chat and communication in real time.
  • You can write task, that can be edited with start and end dates, descriptions, and attachments. This means you can customise each job with all the detailing.
  • The users of can also communicate with their team members one to one, while they work.
  • You can save files in your workspace and access them later with one click away. is the new member of the family. It was launched at 17th September 2019. With its exceptional qualities, it has earned a distinguished place among the other promising work management tools.

Why is a better tool for start-ups?

I would not deny the fact that the Notion is indeed a good web management tool. Over the years, it had given faithful support to most of its users. But compared to, notion lacks team collaboration.

If you are a student, you will find both notion and constructive for the knowledge base illustration, which is a learning zone, It solves most of the problems and has been loved by many students.

In the case of a start-up, user-friendly applications with overflowing features are favoured, Hence, the inclination is towards has made a bumper entry in the market few months ago. Already, they have launched a newer version and updated the functionalities. If the time of Notion is compared with, the later leads very clearly. One is three years old, and the other is for three months. Now you analyse what they have brought in what time!

Price comparison winner:

If the free version is considered, wins at the first glance.

Now coming to the paid versions - offers 3 paid plans, for personal use you have to pay $4/month, for your startup plan $7/month is charged for any number of users. While for enterprise edition, you can directly contact us at

For Notion, you have to pay $8 for each member if you have a team. For personal use, it is $4 a month with unlimited storage and file uploading.

If you wish to subscribe to the enterprise version, you pay $20 for each member for a month. This means if you have a team of five members, you spend $100 for the enterprise version and $45 for the team subscription in