Do you like yourself waiting on salespeople, tech support or customer services to get your issue resolved.

Well, we all hate waiting! In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world all we want is everything to be done at an instant.

Same is true if it comes to customer service. When we want some answers, we want them immediately and this is where self-service knowledge bases come in.

Let’s dive in.

In this article, I will explain knowledge base meaning, its benefits and few knowledge base tips for building yourselves one. I will also, tell you its best practises of knowledge base with some examples.

Generally, There are 2 types of knowledge base

  1. Internal Knowledge base - Knowledge base which serves only the internal  employees of the company like - employee on-boarding, training webinars etc
  2. External Knowledge base - It is a customer Knowledge base which aims at serving directly your customers like FAQs, Developer Guides, Case Studies, How-to articles and tutorials etc

What is a knowledge base?

Knowledge base is nothing but a self-service library

Nowadays with the emergence of SaaS Knowledge base definition has taken a more different meaning than what it used to have traditionally.

Knowledge base is a self-service library used to store easily retrievable information about your product, service.

Knowledge bases definition in context of a Company or an Organization.

A knowledge base is an organised collection of your company internal or external informations stored in a way that can be easily accessed and read by others.

What is a knowledge based used for?

As our knowledge based meaning is clear now Purpose of knowledge base is to help employees or your customers find answers to their questions or doubts they normally have regarding your product or your company.

Knowledge base article types

A knowledge base can be of many forms

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Developer Guides and APIs
  • Video demonstrations
  • How-to articles and tutorials
  • Troubleshoot Guides
  • Announcements/Release Notes
  • Customer Feedback/Community
  • Platform migration guide
  • Case Studies

Why is knowledge base important

A well written and designed knowledge base act as a self-serve tool is helpful for your customers as well as your company employees.

Things like employee on-boarding or learning a tool for a new staffs are repetitive things and can be easily done by using a knowledge base.

Knowledge base for customer service

When it comes to customer support or customer service knowledge base works as wonderful tool for letting people solve their issue themselves only.

Issues such as:

  • What is your refund policy?
  • How can I change my password?
  • How can I deactivate my account?

Questions like these can be easily answered through a good knowledge base content all we need is a well designed customer support knowledge base with good quality of articles so that anybody can be able to access and read it.

Benefits of a knowledge base

Benefits of knowledge base is that you won't have to assign people 24x7 solving your customer issues. It will help your business grow fast.

Knowledge base is not only limited to only ease your customer solving issues but It is also as useful for your internal teams as well and All companies regularly maintain their knowledge bases to provide the information at one place and ease the learning process.

Internal Knowledge Base Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce onboarding costs
  • Improve communication and cooperation

External Knowledge Base Benefits

  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer wait Times

How to build a knowledge base for companies

How you can build a well designed and organized knowledge base?

A knowledge base creation is not something that can be completed just overnight. It is never complete and is actually an iterative process.

However with the help of several knowledge base platforms like the process of creating a good knowledge base tool has now become relatively easily.

A good knowledge base should be a mixture of both well design as well as good content so that any articles can be easily accessed and read.

So, if your goal is to have an robust and effective knowledge base development that actually provides value to your audience, there are a number of best practices you need to follow.

Knowledge base best practices

Lets know now what are some best practices or guidelines for building knowledge and its understanding  

1. Understand what you need to cover

Before writing articles for your knowledge base first you need to talk with your team who regularly talks to customers.

Find the common issues, challenges, common misunderstandings which are associated with your product which your customer mostly asks and document them first.

2. Collect existing information

Collect all those existing information about your company like FAQs, Release Documentation, Refund and Cancellations Policy etc and write it down to your knowledge base.

Your knowledge base should act as a one place knowledge database to find all the information that your customer need to access.

3. Organize and Structure Your information

A good knowledge base should be organized in the form of several Categories, Sub-Categories and Labels.

Knowledge articles  must be well organised to help somebody easily find the articles of their interest and read it.

For example, In our own help center we have divided all articles in 5 parent categories which looks quite clean.

Due.Work Help Center

4. Maintain and improve your knowledge base

Creating knowledge base articles takes significant effort, so it’s important to create such content which people can easily find and read.

A knowledge base article always need to be updated and should never be treated a a complete.

In software world, All informations becomes outdated with the passage of time and so we need to regular update the information with a proper knowledge base management.

Each knowledge based articles must have a feedback option like shown in example below so that content writer can know whether their readers are finding that article useful or not's article knowledge base


In summary, Knowledge base is quite important for your business. Every article that you write may seem a hard work at first but it will be a worth it when it helps hundreds or thousands or your future customer queries without needing your help.

A knowledge base can also be an incredible tool for you internal teams as well. The idea of having all information present at one place that can be easily accessed and read is incredible.

Thus time spent well on building your knowledge base will pay off for years to come. is one of such robust platform for creating and managing knowledge base.

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