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Basecamp on one hand focuses on using Resource Planning, while on the other hand uses the GTD (Get Things Done) Methodology, bringing together the best management tools for high-level planning, project and product management and task organization, bug tracking, sprint planning based on transparency and agility.

Here I am comparing why is going to be the best choice work management tool.

Ease of Use

One of the key features of is that is simple to use and that is why it is loved by its clients. It is created by keeping in mind the behavior of individuals as well as teams. have quick features like “My Task”, “Today’s Task” and “Next 7 Days Task”, which will help you and your team, work in an organized manner.

New way to manage your work.


Price is one of the factors considered while choosing a management tool software and makes sure that it clicks the minds of its clients when pricing is considered.

Moreover, if you compare basecamp, it is reviewed to be expensive. Basecamp offers its users a price of $99.00/ month and $999.00/ annually whereas, offers its user a monthly pack for $39 only. Moreover, grants its users unlimited free subscription with limited features, while Basecamp gives it for 30 days only. Both, and Basecamp have unlimited user access. helps you to save up to 60%.

Due Work - Pricing . 

Task details

Apart from the task view, also provides you with more details like prioritizing your tasks, duration required, labels and tags, comments, sub tasks, and much more. is one destination for all your requirements.

Due Work - Details


One of the most essential elements of any work management tool is task management. uses attractive and a three-plane view, which provides all the relevant information to its users at a glance. not only provides list and board view similar to basecamp, but in addition also provides you with timeline view, which will help you to do your task effectively and efficiently.

Due Work - Multi Views

Freemium Plan equips its users with both unlimited workspaces/boards, unlimited projects and unlimited users in their free plan. Moreover, you can collaborate with your team on, there are no restrictions on the number of messages you sent to your team.

Prioritizing Tasks

Not every task is equally important. The most important tasks move the work closer to long term goals. Prioritizing allows you to identify the most important tasks at any moment and give those tasks more of your attention, energy, and time. It allows you to spend more time on the right things and allow its users to exactly to the same.

And hence, it is rightly said that prioritizing your task is a key element to success.


Sub- tasking feature in helps its users to break the task into simpler parts  so that the users can achieve their goal on time. Isn’t that amazing!

Advanced Filters

In he new advanced filters of you can sort tasks by assigne, labels, created date, completed date, priority etc…

It is always said that in order to be successful, one should keep updating itself and the same  goes with a company as well and hence, never fails to update it self.

After reviewing the details about Basecamp, is it the right choice for you? Basecamp is a great task management tool with an amazing user experience that delights all who try it. But is it enough to do the job beyond basic task management for a small team? Probably not.

If you’re a fast-growing company that’s concerned about innovation, then Basecamp won’t be the best fit due to its limited features and high price.

If you’re within a larger organization you’ll still be switching between multiple project management software systems? Try now to get all in one solution.