If you are a manager and know how crucial it is to maintain a team, you might be looking for a solution. Such that team management becomes effortless to you and increases in overall work efficiency and productivity.

Welcome to the final blog of the series, if you have not read out first three blogs please visit -

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The journey has brought you to the final chapter of our ''deep dive into due work:'' blog series. So far, we have shared our views on increasing productivity, organising workspace; and improving task activities were our core discussion topics.

There is more in the series to talk about; some more features to focus for, of course, a better workspace.

Drag and Drop

With the drag and drop facility, you can re-organize your task list based on your progress and everyday schedule. To avail, this facility in the workspace, switch to the board view of your work area. Select the work you want to drag to the other status. Now, drag the task and drop it to the selected state, depending on your progress.
Once done resettling, switch to your favorable workspace view and continue working.


Just like your WhatsApp messages, you can archive your tasks if you no longer want to keep them on your site. Click on the setting option (•••) associated with each task. Now file the responsibility to remove it from the list.

Will I lose the task if I archive it?

No, you will not! Once you archive the tasks, you are transferring them to another section, which has only the archived tasks. To access them together, navigate to settings at the right corner at the top, followed by archives. All the archived messages reside under that folder.

What if I want to revive them?

Of course, why not! Once you set into the archive list, you can reset them to their original place by the reset icon at the end of each task. The tasks will appear at their initial site, naturally.


"A good project starts with an idea, and ideas come through communication."

We have been a strict follower of proper contact with the team members and hence ended up building a communicative platform for our subscribers. In this communication section of due.work, you can chat, attach files like PDFs, word docs, music, pictures, and much more.


The files section takes you to another step of active working. You can upload any of the data that you want to share with your co-workers or items to keep the workspace organized and energetic.
These files can be accessed by all of your team members, which means secure document sharing and management.

Customer shares story with us

Since it is the final chapter of the series, we are going to talk a bit of practical experience of due.work with our customers as well as cover up the little information that . Most of them agree that due.work has increased their productivity to a greater extent, believing that with our web application, they can process everything from one place and work in order. they say, Due.work helps them remember their heavy schedules in the order they plan that to complete.

"It has been two months that I am using Due.work. I was always into keeping my workspace organized and decently manageable, no matter how hectic it gets! But with time and increasing workload, it got hectic and hectic. I came to know about Due.work from a friend of mine. I started using the app with a motive of just giving it a try. After that, maybe it was the application itself that never allowed me to miss a deadline. With so many features, easy access, and agile compatibility, I didn't realize how I revived my interest in work again. Thanks to due.work for creating such a proper application for us."

Wrapping it up

So, this is where the blog series of 'deep dive into due.work:' comes to an end. We started by elaborating on the very first due.work page, creating an account and wrapping it with a customer's experience. We hope this entire guideline of using due.work for better work management does justice to you.