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Today we are going to talk about workspaces and how inbox can enhance your performance with your trusted work management tool,

Previously, we have managed to cover the necessary details of customization and workspace management. This time, you would focus on your performance and make your workspace look sorted and clean.

Treat your eyes, and let's get started.


Once entering the home, you navigate to your current workspace(s) which you have created. You can edit your workspace name by just clicking on it or you can click on manage workspace to open workspace settings. In mange workspace, you can -

  • Edit workspace info
  • Manage your teammates
  • Change color themes
  • Can see list of archived blocks
  • Delete workspace
  • or Upgrade your workspace

At the extreme top right corner, you can edit your profile and also upgrade your workspace with the right premium plans. You must take a look at our price plans here:


Projects are two tabs ongoing and completed. Ongoing tab list all the projects you have been working on and Completed tab list all the project that has been marked completed.

You can create as many  projects as you want. You add projects, assign users, make a new project of, say, marketing and keep every information related to the topic in that workspace. You can also mark a deadline for a project and mark it as complete once you finish it.


Inbox is the notification centre of all your workspaces. You will receive an inbox message if someone -

  • Assigned you a block
  • Commented on your block
  • Mention you
  • or you have subscribed to a particular block

Inbox will keep you updated with all the things happening in all your workspace. You can filter inbox with unread, mention and assign filters.


They are situated in the top right corner of the page. When you click on  filters, a vertical rectangular box appears at the right end of the screen. These are advanced options which, when used, gives a better view and easier access to the user.

You can filter the project based on the following subjects from Advanced filter options:

  • Assign users
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Labels
  • Start date
  • Created by
  • Created on
  • Completed on

Each of the alternatives filters your project based on which you choose. For instance, if you opt to select one user of your project and set the priority to medium or low, or anything, only the tasks of the selected user with priority is chosen will appear on the screen.

While working for a large number of tasks and comments, you can search them in the search bar of filter options.

Status has three default statuses: 'pending', 'in-progress' and 'completed'. Depending on the time that you select, the task acquires a status. The incomplete one will be under the pending status. If you're working on a task, it is under 'in-progress' and once completed, falls under the said. To get a broader view of status, switch to the Kanban board view.

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