The first sip in your coffee!

Welcome to 3, it is a shared space and collaboration tool which helps teams to work together.

It is a single-page layout that gives you the flexibility of writing tasks, communicate with your team, writing docs, and notes, upload files, and much more.

Like the other web management tools, you have to create your account initially either by google or linkedin, you can also signup using your company credentials, to be directed to the workspace area. Workspace is your company domain where you can add your team members and create as many projects as you required.

Start the new plan

Click 'Add a new project', to quick start in collaborative space where you can either start with a

  • blank page, or you can choose from our
  • pre built templates

Once you name your project and if you have selected to start with a blank page, you most probably want to start a discussion with your teammates or write some tasks and todos to manage your team projects. The latter, on the other hand, has templates for categories like sales and marketing, social media and software development.

Duework provides four block types -

  • Task - If you want to add task and todos, you can select task from block type, you can assign users, change status, labels and due dates. There is no limit in writing number of task and you can write upto any levels as you like, there is no limit for that too.
  • Page - Pages are great for grouping task and notes. You can create pages to create a knowledge base and link to other pages.
  • Comment - Notifying a team mate about something or pointing issues in design, you can use comment to reply to a task, participate in discussions and in doing private conversation to your team mates.
  • Discussions - Discussion can be act as channels, in which you can add as many people you like to participate in discussion.

How can you view the tasks?

There are three modes which you can use to see your blocks.

The Page View

It is a blank white page, where the things that you have already planned will appear in listed order, sorted by date of creation. You can use this view for writing meeting notes, knowledge bases or collaborating with your teammates. If you are comfortable with the list of everything, you can surely use that.

The Board View

The board view helps you in a better glance at all your pending and on-going work schedules. No matter what role you're playing in your team, with the Kanban Board view, you can enhance your performance effortlessly. With our three default statuses, 'Pending', 'In Progress' and 'Completed', you can initialise your tasks and arrange them according to your need. If not happy with these three, you can create your board status and continue working.

Yeah, all the above facilities are quite similar to the other tools on the internet. But no, supports full customisation. Let me explain.

Once you have created the tasks individually, you can edit them as per your need. Each assignment, irrespective of their statuses, holds the permission of editing. You can open each task in a detail view and assign labels and members, add start date along with end date.

The Timeline View

In the timeline view, you will get every task of yours in a list form, but with time durations on the left side. You can access the calendar and set durations as per your tasks.

We are releasing timeline view soon. In our next release.

Our first blog of the 'Deep Dive:' series comes to an end. Now that you know the basic functionalities of create your workspace and proceed effortlessly in your life.

Let us know if you have any queries in the comment box below.