Due.work and Trello are both project management tools, but they take very different approaches to project management.

Trello on the one hand, focus on boards and use kanban methodology which is becoming quite popular in project management, while due.work is all in one solution which offers board view, list view and even timeline view to manage your work with ease.

Most of you reading this blog have used trello at some point of time, as it offers the easiest and simplest project management. It works very well when you do personal management, but if you are working with a team, it becomes a cumbersome task to manage the work.

Here I am comparing why due.work is gonna be best choice for you for your work management.

Trello vs Due.work Task Management (0:1)

It is the most basic requirement for any type of management. Due.work, not only provides the board view like trello but also support additional views like timeline view and list view for easy task management. There is not limit on the number of tasks in due.work.


Trello vs Due.work Task Details (1:1)

Apart from task title, you may also need to enter more details regarding tasks like descriptions, assignes, due dates, priority, labels, comments, attachments, task duration, sub task etc... Due.work provides you all this information collectively in the detail view.


Trello vs Due.work Freemium Plan (0:1)

Trello and Due.work both provides unlimited workspaces/boards, unlimited projects and unlimited users in their free plan. In addition to the task management, you can collaborate with your team on Due.work, there are no restriction on number of message on the number of message you sent to your team.

Get Unlimited Users, Projects and Workspaces

Trello vs Due.work Pricing (0:1)

When it come to pricing, Trello offers per user pricing of $9.99 /month/user if billed annually and $12.50 /month/user if billed monthly while due.work offers flat pricing of $29 /month if billed annually and $49/month if billed monthly.

You can save upto 70% with due.work, if you are handling a team of 10.

Trello vs Due.work Ease of Use (0:1)

What makes due.work stand out from the other software is the ease by which you can use it.  Due.work has been created keeping in mind, an individual and team behaviour while working, thus with quick filters like "my tasks", "today's task" and "next 7 days task", you can work in a very organised way.


Trello vs Due.work Communication & Activities (1:1)

User Activities are important when you are working with a team, both of these tool offer user activities and archives.


The Verdict

I leave verdict with the user reading this blog, meanwhile I recommend to visit due.work once.