We are thrilled to announce that Birtly has modified itself to Due.work on 17th September 2019. With its new name and newer features, we decided to give the work management tool some modification.

Why such a decision?

Of course, we loved Birtly.  Therefore, We thought to modernize the pre-existing software into due.work with a new look, new name, and fascinating features.

This blog describes the pre-eminent characteristics of due.work by focusing on the extraordinary plans which are adhered to the newer version of Birtly.

From the Developer's desk: To know most current guide video on due.work, visit https://vimeo.com/358478171

Not just a timeline software

We always had our strict motive to ease working experiences, which means spending less time in meetings, or office. Due.work, too, fits into the criteria but with even better accessibility like attachments, and communications with the associate team members and track updates.

"Due.work is not only a software to track your tasks; instead, it reminds you when it is to be done."

Budgeted Tool

" It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us. " - Jackie Hutcheson.

Considering the number of members in mind, due.work is launched with three flexible plans proudly including the free plan. You can build your unique workspace with unlimited users in due.work 1.0 version.

Wanna check out the pricing details? Click here: https://www.due.work/pricing

Not just for development

Initially, Birtly was created to focus only at the development and focus on agile methodology. However, due.work is the simple to-dos and team communication tool where all your teams can work from a single place. You can continuously promote iterations along with software development of your business project.

Board view with unlimited use cases

The best, most comfortable and the most straightforward feature which due.work provides its users is the Kanban Board. Now you can segregate your day-to-day tasks with different status, priorities, and untroubled re-scheduling.

Don't know what a Kanban Board is?

Follow our Kanban board blog at https://www.due.work/blog/kanban-boards/. Give it a read.

More filters!

You can decorate your due.work workspace with a variety of features.

Set 'advanced filters' of your task after you finish creating them. Decorate and work in style.

due.work - new advance filters

New plan for a start-up

due.work is the ultimate place that you've stopped by. Grab our special offer price exclusively for start-up teams.

Pay only $15 monthly to use due.work.

New brand, New logo, New Design

The essence of a new software is always amazing!

You get to discover all the new features, functionalities and much more. Due.work comes in a catchy logo with vibrant animated hexagonal logo and fantastic user prospects. Once you create your work area, keep your records convenient and up to the mark with our software!

Priorities are important

"Just like your relationships, prioritizing your task in the workspace is essential."

Once you set a priority to the task, due.work keeps it highlighted with colors and attracts your sight whenever you work on your space.

One-click edit

Be it a task or icon color, while using due.work - edits are just a click away! We have designed the software to save your time in editing individual tasks too.

Deleting, adding any further details to individual tasks, setting priority, adding start and end dates, all are easy with due.work.

3 Views for 1 task

In Due.work, we are providing the users with three explicit ways to view their tasks. Once you save a task in your workspace at due.work, you can view it in the List view, Kanban Board or the Board view and the timeline view.

Why a 3-way view for each task?

Very simple!

  • To simplify your task schedule
  • To ease understanding and differentiate between work priority.
  • A Better View
  • For a quick check to your workspace
  • Adding or removing a task is two clicks away

Quick tabs for quick management

This feature was added, keeping the more significant business projects in mind. If you are having a large number of tasks listed in your due.work task manager, with our user-friendly tabs like today's task, my tasks and next 7 days tasks, you can check your scheduled tasks with one click.

More clear and intuitive communication.

Moreover, lastly, but most importantly, due.work provide peaceful means of communication with multiple team members at your digital work desk. talk, discuss ideas, send attachments to each other in due.work communication section. To make it fun and friendly, add your favourite emojis too.

Don't forget,

"A good internal communication is like a fertiliser for the soil of exclusive business performance and employee relations."

Let's get started with due.work.