Managing work and people is a huge responsibility. You always need to be organised and for that you want people to communicate daily, track deadlines, share files and write important notes.

We understand this because we had the same requirements while working with tons of clients, they were paying us to deliver the best and it's our responsibility to deliver it.

Starting with the simplest solution!

Due.Work List View

Like every other team, we started managing our work in spreadsheets, but as our team grew and our work increases it becomes complete chaos, with no notifications system, no deadline tracking, and no team communication it became very hard to get things done.

We listed down things we need for complete management and start finding them, things we listed are as follows:-

  1. Simple To-dos/Task Management
  2. Kanban Boards
  3. Timeline View
  4. Team Communication and Discussion Threads
  5. Notification System and User Activities
  6. Multiuser Assignment
  7. Status Creation
  8. Subtasks
  9. File Management
  10. Notes and Docs

Going towards better organisation

We started finding tools and plugins and agreed on 4-5 tools for managing these things because no single tool has all these features, but as we start managing work using them we soon realize that it is not only improper but impossible to manage people and work on 4-5 tools, as no one wants to keep 5 tabs open just to complete one task.

Not only this, our overhead cost spiked when we started paying them, most of them have user wise pricing which is nuts for a small team like us.

We know, we will soon start losing our customers if we don't deal with this situation now.

One-stop shop for all needs

Finally, we started building tool for our internal management and created our PHASE I within 6 months of development.

Due.Work is more focused on project management and team communication, the biggest challenge we face is to "build software which can be adopted in any organisation" and once we achieved it by taking hundreds of feedback we launched our first version, which is freemium for all people out there.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

As people began to start using our tool, feedback flooded, some are positive and some are constructive. People began asking for features and we began to implement them in our tool.

and magic happened...

Finally we reached the aha moment!  we designed what we wanted. 1.0

In this version we have included:


You don't have to only manage task/to-dos in table view like basecamp, kanban boards like trello or timeline view like smart-sheets, now you can have all 3 views for every task.

Team Communication

Gone are the days where people use emails for internal team communication, that's why we have designed our communication system that will replace your daily emails and work chats.

No Users Limit

We know you have to pay these tool for every new team member you add on your team, this is not fair, it means for every single penny you make you have to pay them too. We don't want that, that's why we have flat pricing, you can add as many team members you want, without worrying about your team size.

Dive into Details

We have unique task details, where you can assign labels, comments,  attachments, priority,  description, status, users, due dates, start dates, subtasks, duration and many more, you will just love using it.

Never Miss a Deadline

Most of the tools in the market, only focus on task deadline but not on project deadlines, but we think the project deadline is important because it focuses on your ultimate goal, to finish the work on time. We have a separate timeline view, in which you can track project deadline for you, your team and your organisation.

Organize tasks into groups

To manage tons of work, you always need to organize them into groups, we call them sections. Create as many as you want according to your needs.

User Activities

In any organisation, there is always a need to know, who has done what and when you can find everything related to activities in our communication.

That's not all! There are more than a hundred features which I have not mentioned and our team is working all day to bring you new features and user experiences every month.

Welcome to Due.Work!